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We genuinely appreciate any contributions that you may be willing to offer in order to help us out. Unfortunately bandwidth and server's are not free for everyone and we need to make ends meet in order to continue to provide a good service. Thanks again and if there is anything we can do to make your Redlite experience more enjoyable, please let us know.

Payments for Basic level memberships are currently only accepted through "PayPal". Please fill out the form below, click submit and you will be on your way to enjoying the benefits of being a member. Upon our receipt of your payment please follow the link on the main page to activate your member account.


Redlite Memberships are served on a monthly basis, just like most internet services. By becoming a member, you understand that you are making a donation to support the development and growth of Redlite Distrikt, and by becoming a member, this in no way implies that you do not have to follow the rules to maintain an account. Warped Axis, Inc reserves the right to deny you service with our without reason. Warped Axis, Inc. still provides no warranty or guarantee on the availability of our services.


Redlite Memberships can be paid via paypal if you live outside the United States & Canada. Please visit paypal's site for International Customer's and open an account before proceeding.

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