The following rules have been put in place and will be strictly enforced due to several cartels blatent attempts to twist the wordings of the former rules to suit their needs.

By playing Redlite Distrikt you hereby agree to these rules, further called the Distrikt Code.

1. Each player is only permitted to have one (1) account. If you are caught playing more than 1 account your accounts will be frozen , and your e-mail addresses banned. If you are caught with several accounts, your IP address or entire IP class will be banned.

2. If you or your siblings / housemates / family / co-workers all play Redlite and originate from the same IP address you may not act together in any attacks, be in the same cartel, coordinate activites in any matter, or be in the same city. Doing so will draw suspicion and will not be tolerated. If this rule pertains to you ,you must inform an admin asap or you may be banned or imprisoned .

3. The use of proxies to play the game will not be tolerated. We realize that there are certain instances where users are forced to connect to a proxy for web access and those instances will be allowed. Any use of public proxies will result in exile per the admins discretion.

4. A cartel can only have a maximum of 5 members. Any cartels that are found to be teaming up or working in conjunction with each other, or any players not in the same cartel can not work together to attack any single person or cartel. Penalties are at the discretion of the Admins (but will be severe!) A cartel has a maximum of 5 people for a reason. This is to prevent unfair tag teaming on certain individuals, groups of players or entire cartels. The use of "hitmen" are against the rules all killing must be done from within your cartel only. You are only allowed to own or be in 1 cartel at a time if your unable to close your cartel please contact a memeber of staff and they will close it for you.

5. Individuals or groups of people found to be attacking themselves out, whether it is using multiple accounts, or having their friends do it, will be banned immediately. This is considered cheating and is not tolerated.

6. If you somehow come across a bug, flaw or any other sort of exploit in the game tell an admin ASAP. If you are found abusing a bug knowingly, you will be banned; at least if you tell us you'll get a reward for being a good boy. This does not mean you can spend 24 hrs a day at your pc searching for non-existent bugs.

7. The Distrikt Market may not be used to "loan" items between any players. Loaning, or trading between players is strictly forbidden.You can not join a cartel if you have brought or sold hoes or thugs to anyone in that cartel. Measures are in place to prohibit selling to cartel members but if you are found going around these measures in anyway you will be either imprisoned and beaten or banned for the round at the discretion of the admins.

8. Flooding the market with unnecessary auctions (5 or more at one time) is illegal. It bogs down the system and is perceived as an attempt to hide illegal activity. Again there are measures in place to curtail this activity but if you are found going around these measures in any way you will be banned.

9. Redlite Distrikt now has an honor code rule in effect. This means that, if you are aware of an individual or a group of individuals cheating, and do not report it to an Admin, you may meet the same fate of those who were cheating. i.e. "You know a member of your cartel has multiple accounts, but you do not say anything about it because you need him. He gets caught and you are found to have knowledge of his cheating, therefore you too will be banned from the game."

10. Any player caught breaking any rules forfeits his/her right to any cash prize he is in place to win . The cash prize will either go to the next in line or be used for turns for the next round .

11. If you are done for the round inform an admin that you are done for the round ,selling out to a friend or another player is against the rules as it could change the final outcome of the game . If a player is caught selling out , his account and the player he sold out to will both have their accounts banned .

12. Spamming via Personal Message (PM) is not allowed as this could have knock on affects on the game which could cause performance. Anyone found to be doing this will get 1 warning before being banned!

Failure to play by any of the rules above will result in disciplinary action taken on behalf of the game Admins.

Redlite Distrikt Amsterdam Edition v2.0 © 2006 Redlite. All rights reserved.