Turns Guide

When you start the game you will be given a few turns. After that you will automatically receive 2 turns every 6 minutes and it is also possible to buy turns using www.paypal.com through the buy items menu in the game. Your turns can be used in two ways, you can use them to make drugs, or to scout.

When using turns to make drugs the amount of drugs you will make will depend on the amount of turns you use, and also the amount of thugs you have, as it is your thugs that make the drugs for you. Your whores will also make you cash when you are making drugs.

When using turns to scout, you will find there are five different areas that you can send your thugs to scout in each city. You will recruit both thugs and whores to add to your criminal halo, the amount of each will vary depending on where you choose to scout and the amount of turns you use. Your whores will make you cash when scouting turns.

Remember to use your turns wisely.

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