Travel Guide

You can travel around three different cities within the game. The amount of times you can travel in one round depends on weather you are a member or a non-member. Members have the ability to travel 90 times in one round, whereas non-members can only travel 20 times. The three different cities you can travel to are :

 - Walletjes
 - Singel
 - pijp

Each city has different advantages and disadvantages, you may find in one city you are recruiting more whores and thugs when using turns, and in another city you may find you make more drugs. This is something you will have to work out for yourself. To travel to a different city will cost you. The cost is as follows :

 - thugs travelling by train $200
 - thugs travelling in your rides - free
 - whores travelling by train $30
 - coffee shops you wish to move $3000 each
 - brothels you wish to move $5000 each.

It will also cost you 10 turns to move to another city, and it is not possible to move a cartel, so you must promote a new leader for your cartel before u decide to move. You will also be required to remove your whores from your brothels before you travel. You will not make any cash when using the 10 turns to travel city.

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