Shop Guide

Coffee shops can be purchased from the market the same as brothels, an have a starting market price of $5000 the same as brothels. They are also place on market randomly by the system. There are four different types of coffee shops to comply with the 4 different types of drugs you can make / purchase. In each shop you can sell the drugs for a certain price, They are :

 - Hash coffee shop $0 - $30

 - Shroom coffee shop $0 - $75

 - Coke coffee shop $0 - $95     

 - Heroin coffee shop. $0 - $110

In order for you to make cash from your coffee shops, you need to first deliver some drugs to the shops, and set a rate at which you wish to sell the drug. Obviously it is best if you sell the drugs for the highest price possible. The same as brothels, your coffee shops make cash automatically when using turns, and you will have to collect the cash yourself, costing 1 turn for each coffee shop.

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