In this edition of redlite, you can make yourself money from your whores that you can have working on the streets, or working in brothels which you can purchase from the market. You can also purchase shops, in which you are able to sell your drugs at a higher rate than in the sell items menu. You will need to make sure your whores are happy, by making sure that you have a supply of thugs, condoms, and hash, without these 3 items, or if u run low on any of the 3 items, you prostitutes can walk out on you when you are using turns to either make drugs or scout hoes. You will find as you get more whores from scouting, off the market, or by stealing them from other players, you will also need to keep a larger supply of condoms, thugs, and hash in order to keep your prostitutes happy. You can also change your prostitutes payout level in order to make them happier, and to make yourself more money from your whores.
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