Net Worth / Rankings Guide

Your net worth is made up by the amount of thugs, whores, vehicles, drugs, and cash that you have on hand. Your weapons, beer, condoms and shops / brothels do not add to your net worth.

-prostitutes are worth $1750
-thugs are worth $700
-Rides are worth $2000
-hash is worth $5
-shrooms are worth $5
-coke is worth $5
-heroin is worth $5

As you can see thugs, prostitutes and vehicles increase your net worth by the largest amount. However you will find that you are better off if you keep your net worth as low as you can in order to avoid being attacked by bigger players.

All players are ranked in order of net worth, the player with the higher net worth will be higher in the ranks. Obviously the aim of the game is to come 1st place in the ranks, but having a higher net worth that in necessary will make you more of a target for other players to attack you.

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