Market Guide

The distrikt market can be used to sell and buy items to and from other players, and also so bigger players can payout big sums of cash for items that they want to buy. You can payout billions of dollars thought the market to other players. Also the system will randomly place items on the market for players to purchase.

You can purchase a lot of items on the market and most are for a lower price than they are from the buy items menu. The items you can buy from the market are:


Also brothels and coffee shops are placed on the market randomly by the system. You can not sell brothels or coffee shops on the market.

Items on the market can get very overpriced, as each time somebody bids on an item, the price rises by 20%, so be careful that you don't pay too much for an item. If u are selling an item to another player, you can ask for a certain price, and then with the help from another player, they will bid up the item, so it raises in price 20% every bid, until it reaches the price you agreed to sell for.

These are the starting prices for items on the market:

1 whore = $1750
1 thug = $700
1 ride = $2000
1 ak = $3240
1 hash = $1
1 shroom = $5
1 coke = $9
1 heroin = $13
brothels and shops = $5000

Using the market to purchase items will help you to grow bigger a lot faster as you can purchase these items at a lower price than anywhere else. You can become vulnerable when buying items on the market, if people see that you are paying a large amount of cash for an item, they can outbid you on the item, and then invade your home to take your cash, so watch your back when buying items. And its the same if you are selling an item, if other players see you selling an item for a lot of cash, they can wait till the item sells, then invade your home to take the cash. It is best if you are online when you get big sums of cash, and spend it quickly.

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