Happiness Guide

It is essential that you make sure your prostitutes have a high level of happiness, otherwise you will find that your whores will walk out on you leaving you no way of making money. Keeping your prostitutes happy revolves around having a solid supply of drugs condoms and thugs, and also the payout rate which you set for them. It is best if you can get your payout at 1% so you are making the maximum amount of money from your whores, and their happiness to be 100% so you don't have whores walking out on you.

Prostitute happiness influences how successful you will be when scouting for more whores, and also wether your whores will walk out on you when you are using turns.

In order to keep your thugs happy, you will need to keep at least 1 gun per thug. Guns range from glocks to ak47's, ak47's being the best. You will also need to have a supply of beer otherwise, like your whores, your thugs will walk out on you too.

When you initially start the game, you will start with a small sum of cash. You will need to buy some guns some beer condoms and hash to make sure that your thugs and whores are happy, and then you can start to use your turns.

If u keep a lot of condoms, which doesn't add to your net worth, you will need to keep less hash to make your whores happy. Hash adds a lot to your net worth, and would make u vulnerable to other players if you were to have too much hash.

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