Attacking Guide

In order to succeed in the game you will need to attack players. There are several reasons why you would attack a player. If a player has a high net worth it will indicate they are holding cash or drugs, so you may want to attack then to steal their cash or drugs. You may want to attack someone in revenge for an earlier attack they have done on you or one of your cartel members. You may wish to attack a player in order to steal their rides of whores also. And you can also attack a players brothels or coffee shops in order to steal drugs or cash. Some players also attack players with more thugs than themselves in order to kill of some thugs so they can lower their net worth and attack a player lower down in the ranks. You can only attack players in a certain range, you can attack any player that has a net worth between half your net worth, and double your net worth. i.e. if your net worth was $100million, you could attack someone with a net worth of $50-$200.

The guns you are  packing makes a huge difference on the outcome of an attack. You can purchase glocks uzi's and ak's. To have the best outcome in an attack you need to be packing 100% ak's. and for the worst you would have 100% glocks. Uzi's have their place somewhere in the middle.

Here is each of the weapons firing capacity :
glocks - 2 bullets
uzi's - 25 bullets
ak's - 45 bullets

As you can see the ak's will make your attack's a lot more effective. Here is a breakdown of the different type of attacks you can use on another player:

Drive By Shooting :  Using this attack is the most effective way to kill of a large amount of a players thugs. In some cases you can kill of all of a players thugs in one attack, or if you attack someone with more thugs than you, you can end up killing all of your thugs in one attack too. To use this type of attack, you will need to have 1 vehicle for every 5 thugs you wish to send on the attack. So if sending 100,000 thugs on an attack, you will need to have 20,000 vehicles. When using a drive by shooting you need to take into consideration how many cartel thugs the player you are attacking has, and make sure that your thugs equal more than their thugs and their cartel thugs added together in order to win the attack.

Home Invasion :  This type of attack is generally used to steal cash that a player might be holding and can also be used to kill players that have large amounts of cartel thugs, as you would loose the attack with a drive by. Players tend to use home invasions to take cash from other players they have seen receiving large amounts of cash through the market, so you need to be prepared when receiving cash through the market, and also need to prepare to take cash from other players. The home invasion is a great way to gain sums of cash, and also setback another player.

Raid Drugs Labs : This attack is in many ways the same as a home invasion, you kill of some of the players thugs, like the home invasion, if you win the attack you will steal some of the drugs that are being held by the player instead of taking cash like in a home invasion. Raiding drugs labs is used when you notice that a players net worth is a lot higher than it should be. If you have already tried a home invasion on a player, and received little cash then it is logical to think that the excess on their net worth must be due to them holding drugs not cash. This attack is used to gain yourself some extra drugs and to kill of some of a players thugs.

Steal Whores :  In order to steal a players whores, you will first need to kill of their thugs using a drive by shooting, home invasion, or by raiding their drug labs. You can then send either coke or heroin in order to try and steal a players hoes. The amount of hoes you steal on each attack will depend on how many hoes the person you are attacking has, and also how much coke or heroin you are sending in each attack. If you send large amounts of coke or heroin in an attack,  you sometimes will kill some or all of a players whores, sometimes this can happen by accident, and sometimes this attack is don't deliberate to destroy a players main source of income, their hoes. When large amounts of drugs are sent to kill a players whores it is called a crackbomb.

Jack Vehicles :  Similarly to stealing whores, in order to steal someone's vehicles you will need to kill of all of their thugs before you can steal their rides. For every ride you wish to steal from a player you will need a thug to bring it back for you. i.e. if you wish to steal 10000 rides from a player you will need to sell 10000 of your own thugs in 2500 of your own rides.

Brothel Invasions :  This type of attack is used to gain cash that a player might be holding in his/her brothel and also to kill some of a players thugs, and some of the whores that a player has in his/ her brothel. Like a drive by shooting you will need to have 1 ride for every 5 thugs you wish to send on a brothel invasion. You then get the choice of which brothel you wish to attack, you must choose a brothel and the amount of thugs to send on an attack. This attack is a good way to receive large amounts of cash. A wise player will use this attack when they notice another player using their turns, as brothels only generate cash when using turns. Cash can also be stored in brothels, so you may find cash in a players brothel even when they are offline.

Rob Coffee Shop :  Like the brothel invasion, you will need 1 ride for every five thugs you wish to send on the attack. This attack is used to steal drugs from another player that they might be holding in one of their coffee shops, and also any cash they might be holding in their coffee shop. Like the brothel invasion you will need to choose which of the players coffee shops you would like to attack, and also how many thugs to send on the attack.

Defending yourself Against Others :  There are several reasons why another player will attack you. If your net worth is too high, someone might attack you to take your cash or drugs, someone might attack you in revenge for an earlier attack you did on them, or they might wish to steal your rides or whores. The best way you can defend yourself against any of these attacks from other players is by packing 100% ak's. You must try always not to make yourself vulnerable for an attack. You can do this by making sure you don't have a high net worth, and if you are holding large amounts of whores, make sure that you have large amounts of thugs too. A good way to protect your whores from getting stolen is to raise the prostitute payout to 100% while you are not using turns, and hold a lot of condoms, this way,  even if you get attacked and have little thugs, your whores will still be happy, whereas they would not be if your cut was at 1%. You must remember to lower the payout when using turns though.

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