Redlite Distrkt : Games

Name Net worth

Redlite Distrikt : Original

Turns per day: 240000

Turn cap: 7500000

Attacks out: 200

Attacks in: 200

Round: 222

Round ends: 11/30/21 10pm

Inside the realm known as the Redlite Distrikt, you are a drug traffiker on a merciless pursuit for supremacy and dominance. You will infiltrate into several sinister areas of the world of organized crime, such as drug traffiking, murder, larceny and prostitution. Your dominance will rely solely on how brutal you grow to be and how you deal with your assets.
Name Net worth
exceldope $ 965.0 Quadrillion
yoursnisstupid $ 522.4 Trillion

Redlite Distrikt : Facebook

Turns per day: 12000000

Turn cap: 18000000

Attacks out: 30

Attacks in: 20

Round: 119

Round ends: 11/15/21 5pm

This version of Redlite Distrikt is very similar to Original, however the Distrikt Market has been removed. If you are new to Redlite, This might be a good place to start your career in organized crime.

Redlite Distrikt : Amsterdam

Turns per day: 1200

Turn cap: 80000

Attacks out: 20

Attacks in: 20

Round: 153

Round ends: 11/18/20 6pm

In Redlite Amsterdam, your journey takes shape in Amsterdam's notorious Red Light District. You start off as an entrepreneur trying to make a living for yourself and ultimately build your business into the most lucrative business in the city.

This version of Redlite entrenches you amidst many real aspects and places in the actual Red Light District.

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