About the game:

Redlite Distrikt is an interactive turn based strategy game that many have come to know and love for its ability to capture its audience into the criminal underworld.

In this version of Redlite your journey takes shape in Amsterdam's notorious Red Light District. You start off as an entrepreneur trying to make a living for yourself and ultimately build your business into the most lucrative business in the city. This version of Redlite entrenches you amidst many real aspects and places in the actual Red Light District.

As you make your way into the game there are three main Distrikt's that you can take up residence in: The Walletjes, The Singel, and The Pijp Distrikt. Each one is a bit different than the next and each has pro's and con's that in order to succeed in this game you will have to learn and master.

Upon entering the Distrikt of your choice there are many assets at your disposal. As is the main attraction in Amsterdam's Red Light District your main source of income will be prostitution. In essence you will be a pimp starting out with a few girls acting as street walkers soliciting visitors and other residents for sex. As you work your way through the game and amass more and more prostitutes there will come a need for you to have a better way of running your prostitution ring and this is where Brothels ( whore houses ) come in to play. As you know, the streets in Amsterdam are filled with girls in windows eagerly seeking male tourists and their money.

Since you are running a business such as this with many girls spending their nights in precarious positions you will need someone to protect them from harm. This is where your Goons or Thugs come into play. They are the gun toting, beer drinking enforcers that are ready and willing to get violent should the opportunity present itself. Your thugs can and should be equipped with weapons first and foremost for your own protection and secondly to allow you to push your will on other players in the game.

The next aspect of your business involves drug production, trafficking and sales. As you know the Police and Government in Amsterdam have a unique policy on certain drugs. For a while now Hash has been a drug that is sold and consumed privately by many citizens and visitors and sold in responsible quantities in the many local "Coffee Shops" recently some opiates such as Mushrooms have come into a mild form of acceptance. Both of these drugs are at your disposal to produce along with two "higher risk" narcotics, Cocaine and Heroin. As with your prostitution ring initially you will start off selling your drugs on the street or out of your house but eventually your empire will outgrow its limits and you will be forced to find new places of distribution. At this time you will be able to acquire Coffee Shops in your district of residence where you will be permitted to sell your drugs. The sale of Hash and Shrooms is pain-free for the most part and fairly lucrative but the larger money lies in the sale of Cocaine and Heroin but with the sale of these two drugs in your coffee shops involves a certain amount of risk.

Redlite Distrikt Amsterdam Edition v2.0 © 2006 Redlite. All rights reserved.